Luxury Yacht Charter

Discovering the wonders of this land with Yacht charter Oman offers a revamped standpoint to the typical tourist stream.

Principally unexplored, the vivid shoreline with its sheltered coves, gorgeous sandy shores, captivating desolate islands and astonishingly amusing marine life is absolutely best discovered by Private yacht charter in Oman.

As the leading yacht charter Oman Company and the only company to offer custom-tailored bareboat charters, Coral Ocean is legendary for delivering a bespoke and specialized service. An all-encompassing array of made-to-order sailing tours, as well as instant, full day and weeklong sail is available.

At sea, the gorgeous and varied aquatic and bird life will continuously startle every visitor. Supremely designed yacht charter in Oman is cool to handle, comfy and capacious with well-furnished lodging impeccable for day trips and tranquil cruises.

Dolphin watching and coastal trips are perfectly designed to suit your voyage dreams. Private yacht charter Oman aids you to enjoy island bounding day trips to dreamlike islands, incredible dive sites and isolated beaches.

Packages - Price starts from 250 OMR onwards
Dolphin Watching & Coastal Trip : (2 hours)
Coastal & Sunset Cruise: (2 hours, visit in Bandar Khiran Island)
Half – Day Tours : (4 hours – Dolphin Watching, Snorkeling @ Bandar Khiran Island and Coastal Cruise)
Whole Day Tours : (8 hours – Dolphin Watching, Snorkeling @ Bandar Khiran Island, Fun Fishing, Coastal and Sunset cruise inclusive of Lunchtime period. There is BBQ setup on board)
Lunch Trip : (3 hours during high noon – Coastal Trip from Marina to Bandar Khiran Island, Anchoring for Lunch)
Dinner Trip : (3 hours at early evening- Sunset Cruise, then anchoring for dinner)
Overnight Trip : (5pm to 12noon the following day- Coastal & Sunset Cruise, anchoring for Dinner @ Bandar Khiran Island, BBQ setup on board, overnight on waters, Sunrise, Breakfast, Snorkeling and explore Dolphins then to Marina At 12:00 noon)

Trip time in Private Yacht can be decided as per your request.

All the refreshments include soft drinks onboard with free. Breakfast inclusive with the trip. Lunch / Dinner is additional or You can bring your own food

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